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Heart-Ear PLuggers

A long disclaimer:

During my morning time with the Lord, I seem to “get more” out of that time when I write down things I’ve read whether scriptures or from other books. Usually, I’m faithful to write down where quotes come from. Usually. But this morning as I was looking back through my notebook, I came across two quotes without names. They’re really good quotes, and I really want to share them with you today. Somewhere in the “stack” of books (actually they’re strewn all over my house) I’m reading I found these treasures. I can’t take credit for these words, and I hope one day to edit this post and give credit where credit is due, but today I share them with you stressing they didn’t come from my brain.

The quotes have to do with our ability to hear from God. I know none of us have problems with this (smile). And I know that none of our hearts contain these issues, but just in case they do, here are two powerful quotes from some very wise person:

“When the heart has unrest, it cannot hear from God. therefore, we must learn to mistrust every judgment when our heart is bitter, angry, ambitious, or harboring strife for any reason.”

“All true discernment comes through a heart that has ceased striving, a heart that knows, even in the fiery trial of its personal struggle, that the Lord is God.”

I think most of us continually find ourselves in the middle of making a big decision or at least simply trying to hear from God. We need discernment for which road to travel. According to these wise statements, true discernment is available only to the peaceful heart. A heart that is free- no bitterness, anger, ambition or strife. No striving.

I just let out a big sigh. I want to hear God loud and clear. I don’t want anything to plug up my heart-ears. I want to be focused on this: “The Lord is God.”

Simple huh? The Lord is God. When I make this statement all of those pesky attitudes that threaten my hearing shrink and melt away. If I’m harboring any of these things in my heart, I’m on the throne rather than God. Bitterness says, “It’s not fair!” Anger says, “I’ll get revenge!” Strife says, “I’m right/ you’re wrong!” And striving says, “I can do it!”

See any pattern? All of these struggles have “me” in the middle rather than God. But when I think and say, “The Lord is God,” He is placed where He should be….on the throne of my heart. It’s a statement of faith. A statement of trust which allows my heart-ears to open up.

I’m going to ask the Lord to search my heart and reveal any of those heart-ear pluggers that will stop me from discerning God’s voice. Want to join me?

“Lord, we love you! We want you and only you on the throne of our hearts. Please reveal any areas in our heart and brain harboring bitterness, anger, ambition, strife, or striving. We confess these self-focused motives and give them to you. Grow our trust in you Lord. You alone are worthy to be on the throne of our hearts. We really can’t trust ourselves, but we can trust you, the author and perfecter of our faith. Thank you Jesus! Open our heart-ears. We want to hear you! Amen.”

Much love,

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

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