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Fasting the Golden Arches

The liturgical season of Lent always brings the feeling that I need to fast. But there are many things I could fast and many ways to hold a fast, so I always try to ask the Lord to direct my choice. This year it seemed my ears were dull to the Lord’s recommendations. Actually, everything I thought of just either seemed too hard or not good enough. In the past I’ve come across a scripture that has been the catalyst, and I’ve known beyond a shadow of doubt the fast was from the Lord. This is important to me because I know that if the fast is my idea, I will try to do it in my own strength and fail miserably, but when it is from the Lord, His grace is sufficient and the fast is successful.

There are several reasons I need to fast during this season but not because of the tradition itself. I need to fast for decisions being made, dreams coming to life, and the ability to really hear the Lord’s guidance. Fasting helps me cleanse my mind and spirit of me and replace my thoughts with the Lord’s.

Anyway, I know none of this is revolutionary to many of you reading this. But I share all this with you because I did finally hear from the Lord! Guess what He impressed on me to give up for the next forty days…. He told me to fast Fast Food!

I confess that a double cheeseburger off the dollar menu at McDonald’s is a tempting comfort food. It’s cheap, and it somehow makes me feel better despite the spare tire forming over the top of my jeans. It’s so easy to convince myself that I need a Cherry-Lime-Ade at Sonic or a Cookies-and-Cream Milkshake at Chic fil’a! Fast Food is a definite temptation when driving across Wilmington. After a shopping trip to Costco it’s “reasonable” that I deserve a treat on the way home. Besides, I might starve during the forty minute drive to the other side of town!

So, the other day as I was having a conversation with the Lord asking Him (again) to show me what I needed to fast, He spoke very clearly into my spirit the words “Give up that double cheeseburger for the day.” I can do anything for a day, but that day has become several days, and I know this is from the Lord because I’m excited! It’s the strangest thing, but when it is from Him I get excited and  encouraged. Thank you Lord!

Every time I think of McDonald’s, my thoughts now go to the Lord. Isn’t that awesome!

I know some of you have given up some of your favorite things for Lent. How’s the fast going? How can I pray for you? Remember, it doesn’t have to be food. Some of you can’t fast food due to medical reasons, but a fast can pertain to anything that has become habitual.

May I pray?

“Oh Lord, we love you! We praise you! We want to pour ourselves out and be filled with You! I pray for revelation to know what You would have us to give up for you if only for a day. Lord, draw us closer to You. Show us anything that is getting in the way. Thank you Lord. Amen.”

Much love,

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