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Dirt Road Destiny

No one can see God’s face and live–at least not as the same person he or she was before the encounter. And in order to see His face, to experience that kind of intimacy with Him, one must die to one’s self….There is no paved road that leads to destiny. I began to learn that it is not about a road but about a relationship. It is not about location but about learning what it means to live in love (Michelle Perry, Love Has a Face).

I’m only on chapter 3, but so far this book is rocking my world.

I’m jealous. I want what she has. I want her writing talent, but more than that, I want her fervor for loving Jesus.

It’s a story about a white-skinned, one legged woman on crutches becoming a mommy to 80 orphans in Sudan. She’s held lepers in India, fed the homeless in Waco, Texas, and fearlessly started an orphanage in one of the most dangerous parts of the world.

I’m sitting in my comfortable home in North Carolina complaining that it’s too humid outside, and May feels like August.

Just as God is shaking our world preparing it for His coming (whenever that might be–no predictions!), so I feel He is shaking me. How I long to die to me and live for God only. What would that look like?

I know it looks different on all of us. There is no “one-size fits all” ministry suit, but it is hard not to compare.

Will you like to go on this journey with me? There is no paved road that leads to destiny. But there is a Guide and often fellow sojourners who help us find our way.

In my quiet time with the Lord this morning, this was the scripture: My heart says of you, ‘Seek His face! Your face, Lord, I will seek’ (Psalm 27:8).

What would happen if this were our only prayer for a whole month? “Lord, I want to see your face!”

Somehow I think our destiny would become clearer, comparison would fall away, and purpose would be ours.

I love you my friends.


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