We have a new family member–well, a potential family member who we are keeping during a trial period. Trial to see how the cat fares. Trial to see if Drew’s allergies can handle it. Trial to see if my 21 year old daughter can manage being a dog owner. And it’s ironic that now that I’ve chosen to make … Continue reading “Trials”

"Do I have to clean the bathroom?"

I have this bad habit of dreading doing chores. Is this Lazy? Please don’t answer that. The other night I was taking a bath when I whined to the Lord, “Oh….Lord, the bathroom is so gross.” Well, clean it. He replied. As simple as that. He was telling me to clean rather than bemoan the chore. … Continue reading “"Do I have to clean the bathroom?"”

Permission to be Still

Permission. I’ve never realized what an important role this word plays in my life until last week. I also didn’t realize how busy I was making myself until I had to spend a week laying low trying to recover from being sick. Being sick, however, gave me “permission” to be still. In January, I made many … Continue reading “Permission to be Still”

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