A Friday Giveaway of Grace

The Bite of Bread reading plan this week has been a game changer for me.  The topic of grace, though I’ve studied a hundred times before, has become even more thrilling, confusing, and wonderful. Wednesday’s post about grace making us happy, will feed me for a long time. If you didn’t get a chance to … Continue reading “A Friday Giveaway of Grace”

Grace Should Make Us Happy: A Word Wednesday Post

I recently learned that grace should make us happy. Really. Isn’t that cool? The meaning is hidden in the ancient Greek word. I have been fascinated with “grace” for a long time. One year I prayed for all aspects of grace as we define it. Graceful . . . gracious . . . poised. . … Continue reading “Grace Should Make Us Happy: A Word Wednesday Post”

God is Able when I am Not

  March always brings out the worst in me. I find my heart tapping its foot impatiently waiting for warmer weather and spring to bloom. I become “hangry”. Hungry for spring and angry because it won’t come fast enough. I know. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? I know better than to groan and moan. But I’m restless … Continue reading “God is Able when I am Not”

At the Throne of God: Approval and Acceptance (Word Wednesday)

  I am a recovering people pleaser. I don’t know what made me one. Why are some of us more driven to receive approval than others? What is the gaping hole in us that sucks us into the power of this nemesis? Part of me thinks my hole belongs to my upbringing, but I’m not … Continue reading “At the Throne of God: Approval and Acceptance (Word Wednesday)”

Bite of Bread: Bites of Grace 2016

I’ve been thinking about grace lately. I’ve needed it. Last year my church kicked off a twenty-one day fast. We were given three different fasts to participate in. Social media/technology Lunch (skip lunch everyday) The Daniel fast (no processed food) Fasting wasn’t new to me. At one time in my life I fasted every Wednesday for … Continue reading “Bite of Bread: Bites of Grace 2016”

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