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Bite of Bread: Bites of Grace 2016


I’ve been thinking about grace lately.

I’ve needed it.

Last year my church kicked off a twenty-one day fast. We were given three different fasts to participate in.

  1. Social media/technology
  2. Lunch (skip lunch everyday)
  3. The Daniel fast (no processed food)

Fasting wasn’t new to me. At one time in my life I fasted every Wednesday for three years (or so it seems)–it might have been only one or two years.

I’ve held my own “Daniel fast” too. Though not as stringent as some, and during that fast I did it as I prayed for a loved one with cancer. Urgency always strengthens my resolve.

That experience helped me know it wouldn’t be easy. But last year’s fast was exceptionally trying, and honestly, I was disappointed with myself.

And that’s where grace steps in.

I was trying to do more than one fast. Can you say “overachiever”? Rather than choosing one fast, I decided to try to do both #2 and #3.  I think that was my problem. (Smile). Yet Grace.

I’ve heard grace described as a gift received that we don’t deserve while mercy is punishment withheld. We know (at least in our heads) that by the grace of God we are granted mercy. Saved. Made new. Seated in the heavenlies somehow though our feet still trudge on earth’s dirt.

We’re living in the middle of the now and the not yet. Sinless yet sinners.

God wiped our slate clean two thousand years ago, but He also wipes it clean every morning.

So grace. . . .

We all need it. And we’ve been given it whether we feel it or not. His grace has been poured over us.

I’m going to ask for a greater understanding of the outpouring of saving grace and the inward manifestation of daily grace-that supernatural measure of ability His Spirit gives when we ask. There is more to grace than meets the eye.

[tweetability]I’m choosing to live in grace, on grace, by grace everyday.[/tweetability]

Do you need some help living in grace too? The scriptures this week will help us. I hope you’ll join me. Grab a pen and paper and jot down the verses or save the photo on your phone, i-pad, or computer. Each day copy the verse in your journal and write your understanding of grace and how it applies to you.

bite of bread of Grace

Join me on Periscope every morning at 8:30 ET as we read the “bites” together and chew on the truth of those words, or watch the replays on 

What do you need God’s grace for this week?

Leave a comment or write me at I would love to pray for you too.


Finding Purpose in Grace




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  1. Anna Gregory

    I just find it strange that our church has started a Bible study on grace. Guess not strange, just God’s guidance. Now that is grace.

    1. Haha! I love that Anna! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi! I so need this today! I not only need some grace for myself, but I need to extend grace to others. I am struggling with a situation and of cours God knows it all too well. For years He has heard me pray and stress over this. Just recently things came to a head and I am at a loss as to what to do. It is one of those situations that no matter how I handle it – it’s danged if I do or danged if I don’t. I am not trying to be the winner. I just want to do the right thing!! After 3 weeks of “the Lord will fight for you, you just need to be still” I still havent responded so I know the other party is fuming… I need to extend grace fully to my brother as well as myself! Please pray!

    1. Hey Piper! So good to hear from you! I’m sorry for the struggle you’re facing. I will pray for you and the other party. I feel led to have you watch my periscope from this morning–besides me getting choked on a piece of bell pepper (I know, who eats that at 8:30 in the morning?)–ow much grace my viewers needed–I read today’s devotion from Streams in the Desert. If you have Streams, read Feb. 1. If you don’t, watch the replay on His power is completed in our weakness and His power can dwell, shelter, tent, rest upon us. He loves you. He is in control. Blessings! -Andy

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