Choosing to Trust His Word Not My Feelings

I have lived the majority of my life with my emotions leading. But I’m learning that I cannot always trust my feelings. (The positive or the negative.) Even so, at times it is difficult to distinguish what is of my own heart and what is of the Holy Spirit. But I’m learning to test my feelings … Continue reading “Choosing to Trust His Word Not My Feelings”


I still love my massive, 20 lb, navy blue with gold lettering Webster dictionary. This steadfast dinosaur got me through a thousand college papers. Those were the days before computers (at least before everyone had one.) I think I typed on an electric typewriter, but I must have buried that memory due to the trauma/drama of liquid white-out … Continue reading “Steadfast”

Spirit Side Up

For just a moment, let’s think of ourselves like triangles. Imagine each point of the triangle being labeled as body, soul, spirit. If the triangle is sitting on its base, only one point is “up.” Imagine that point being the one in present control of us. For instance, when distinguished from the spirit as in … Continue reading “Spirit Side Up”

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