Pour Oil on the Feet of Jesus

The Jewish Passover celebration is six days away.   If you are ever given the opportunity to attend a Seder (Passover) meal, take it! The symbolism within the Seder brings what Jesus did for us to life. The Jews celebrate Passover to remember their freedom from slavery. Christians can celebrate it for the same reason. We … Continue reading “Pour Oil on the Feet of Jesus”

Mothering Mishaps: When Momma Can’t Fix It

I’m days away from my deadline. Almost done! (Thank you for your prayers.) Two new chapters have been written–one I shared last Friday, and I just couldn’t resist sharing this one. It’s a chapter about the human momma heart of Mary. We read her story so far removed from the culture and time and with … Continue reading “Mothering Mishaps: When Momma Can’t Fix It”

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