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Carry Your Purpose Daily

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“If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it” (Luke 9:23,24).

What did Jesus mean when he said to take up our cross daily? What does that look like?

I’ve heard people define “carrying your cross” as a hardship a person bears in his or her life. But is this the meaning? It is evident in verse 24 that our “cross” is not comfortable. Christ clearly states it is denying self and obeying God.
I’ve been chewing on this for a few weeks now, and I think there is more meaning to carrying our cross than suffering and denial of self. I have a new understanding into this particular unsearchable treasure of Christ.

The Cross was painful. Christ even asked God to find another way to save the world. But there was more to the Cross than pain.

The Cross was the venue for Christ’s purpose.

I believe our cross is not some terrible hardship but rather our purpose. We must deny what we think we want and ask God what He has purposed for our life for His kingdom. His purpose for us has eternal value. We are near-sighted.

Many times our purpose fits our personality, our gifting. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy or that God will use it as we envision. And many times our purpose, our cross, will take us to places we don’t want to go. It might even hurt. Carrying our cross daily, fulfilling our purpose is also hard work. Sometimes it is heavy to carry. Why do we assume that whatever God has purposed for us will be an easy road? Christ’s purpose was not.

My main cross at the moment beyond my family is to write. There are days when it brings me much joy and fulfillment and others when I’m tired, my head hurts, and nothing seems to flow or sound good. I begin to question if I can do this. I question if I’m supposed to write because it’s not easy. Truthfully, some days I’m lazy. I just don’t want to work this hard.

Yes, even writing is hard work. There are jobs God has given me in this line of work that are WORK. Today he’s called me to do my work, to carry my cross, to fulfill the purpose He has for my life. And that means writing the proposals, the queries, three posts for an online paper (for free), and to write my blog every day (which is the most fun of all).

Remember, Jesus said to take up our cross daily. This makes me wonder if our daily purpose/cross will look different some days than others. Maybe it will be something else ten years from now. That is not ours to know or worry about. All we need to know is today.

Our prayers each morning should include this question: “What’s my cross, my assignment, my purpose today, Lord?”

We might be surprised by His answer.

Much Grace and Peace,

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