Bite of Bread

#BiteofBread: For the Stressed and Worried

I think it’s a common phenomenon, this thing called worry and stress.

But I don’t like it. I don’t like it when my friends suffer with it, and I really struggle when I find myself stressed and worried. I’m the one preaching about trusting God! But God always allows those who teach about His provision and faithfulness to attend “refresher courses” to keep us honest. (Smile). And to grow our faith.

I am human. Thank you Lord for reminding me of this daily.

So. . . this #BiteofBread is not only for those of you facing worries and stress, this is also for me. I’m looking forward to telling you one day how God brought me through this. How He provided. How He filled me with peace when fear wanted to take over. And I’m looking forward to hearing your stories too.

Bite of Bread for the stressed


I just happened to read the devotional of August 2 (today) in My Utmost for His Highest, by Oswald Chambers. I haven’t read this devotional for years, but God knew what I needed. I love this quote.

God does not give us an overcoming life–He gives us life as we overcome. ~Chambers

He gives us life as we overcome our fears that keep us up late at night worrying. We overcome them as we trust that no matter how bad it gets, if the worst scenario happened, we’ve got Him. 

I’ll be fasting Wednesday if any of you want to join me. Some of you told me so last week. I’ll have scriptures for us and some thoughts on fasting posted Tuesday to help us. And later on in the week we will learn more about the Jewish Shema. 

Okay, ya’ll ready to experience His peace and provision? I’m feeling a prayer coming on. Grab my hand.

“Lord, thank you for taking care of us. I’m just thanking you ahead of time. You are faithful. You are good. You love us. No matter what, nothing can separate us from you. Help us trust you, and I pray that in the name of Jesus, by the power of His name alone, you’ll shatter our fears and worries. You hold our eternity in your hand, surely you’ve got tomorrow. Amen.”


Jesus loves you,




  1. Oh my! The timing of this post is perfect. I have been in a “refresher course” for several weeks! Hard thing is, there seems to be no end in sight to the trials right now and their accompanying stress and worry…with still more unwanted changes looming on the horizon. I am seeing some things I believe God is trying to tell me (when we think we’ve learned our lessons, He says; “Not yet dear daughter. There are a few more layers we need to peel back.”!). I have spent HOURS in God’s word (a good thing!), pouring over scriptures, writing them out on cards, paper, and journals. Praying them, claiming them, because I know HE is my Rock, my Stay, my Strong Deliverer. But sometimes we simply cannot escape the stress of “life”, and stress does awful things to our bodies. I am working on getting back to my writing, which I know God has for me to do. But I have sensed Him telling me to just lay low and not put more pressure on myself right now…not my plan, but His! I am working on some things, it’s just in His timing right now. A Bible teacher and speaker that I greatly admire told me many years ago: “You can’t speak it until you’ve lived it.” So I can’t wait to come out on the other side of all this and share what He has allowed me to live…to overcome…and learn! Going to savor every “bite” this week!!!

    1. Dear Debbie, it sounds like you’re walking through many trials. I believe each day you’re one step closer to where He wants you to be. And I have no doubt of the ministry your testimony will have and already has as you lean into Him and His word.

  2. Kim M.

    Thanks Andy. I can’t wait to tell my story of how God stayed with me and brought me to the other side of this enormous mountain were climbing together. :)

    1. Amen and amen my friend! We will climb these mountains together, Kim. :)

  3. Kim M.

    I can’t wait to share how God will bring me Through the other side of my life trial. :) Thank You Andy.
    And I look forward to all of our provisions from God that we will be able to share together. Thank you Lord. Big hug to all of you.

    1. Dear Kim, I can’t wait for you to share What God is going to do either! I’m holding you in my prayers! Thank you for reading and sharing. Love you, girl.

  4. Janice

    Sweet Andy, you are so precious to Him & to so many of us. Love & Prayers, Janice

    1. Thank you for your prayers, Janice! Love you too. :)

  5. Mary Beth

    Thank you Andy. I prayed for some encouragement as I face a new trial, and then I read your post. God lives us and had not left us alone.

    1. Amen Mary Beth! He does love us. He hears your prayers and worries. I’ll be praying for you and this new trial. Looking forward to your testimony of His faithfulness!

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