Bite of Bread, Psalm 91

Bite of Bread: Verses for Protection

Every time I watch the news I’m reminded of the dangers of this world.

Shootings on a major highway in Phoenix, fires raging in California, and refugees fleeing from Syria are just a few of the stories threatening lives.

It’s easy to become anxious and worried. Fear can consume us if we let it.

But there’s another place, a secret place, where harm can’t touch us–at least not our peace or security in the One who carries us and covers us through this dangerous world.

Psalm 91 speaks of living in this place–living in the shelter of the Most High.

Bite of Bread Psalm 91

Psalm 91 is one of my favorite Psalms to employ in prayer for safety for friends and family. It’s also where I turn when I’m worried or fearful.

As you read through each bite this week, turn it into a prayer for yourself or loved ones. And dialogue with God about what it means to dwell in His shelter. . . How do we live there while our feet are still planted firmly in this dust?


Pour your coffee, light a candle, enjoy some quiet time. Crawl under His wings.

Leave a comment: What is your favorite Psalm to pray?



  1. Aunt Nannie

    Andrea, this is the only way I can reach you, we have to change this~~~~praying you and your family are safe and not “floating” around the house. When you have the opportunitie, please, let my know your statis.

    1. You can email me at and we can exchange phone numbers. We are fine. Not floating. :) Thanks for checking on me.

  2. Maria Diane Harris

    Psalms 91 is one of my favorite scriptures and I imagine being under His wings and the Lord covering me, hiding me and protecting me from the evil one. Another scripture in Psalms is 121, where the Lord is my keeper and preserves me from all evil and preserves my soul, my going out and my coming in for ever.

    1. Hi Maria! I love Psalm 121 too. It’s been on my mind this week as I’ve studied Psalm 91. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. Blessings!

  3. Thank for this. Andy. Psalm 91 is one of my foundation scriptures. I pray it every morning.

    1. Henry! So good to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by and sharing that Psalm 91 is one of your favorites too. I love that you pray it every morning.

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