A Prayer when You Can’t Do It. A Prayer for Grace

A prayer for Grace

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Years ago I was intrigued by grace.

I studied it. I searched for it. And I prayed to understand it better.

I really wanted to do this life with grace, gracefully and graciously.

What I learned was that God’s grace encompasses everything. It’s not just for eternity, but it’s also for today. We can’t live without it nor can we be life giving to those around us without it.

His grace is unmerited favor but it’s so much more. Rather than writing a long article, I thought it best to simply show you how I learned to pray.

I found the secret to grace.

Just pray for it.

In every situation.

I can’t wait to hear what happens when you start praying for grace in the smallest and biggest things in life.

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My grace is sufficient


Jesus loves you,


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