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Bite of Bread: Standing on the Promises of God


I’ll never forget it.

I can still see the moonlight streaming through lacy curtains into the dimly lit kitchen. Corn chips, home-made salsa and ice-cold Cokes were set before us, our normal feast on nights like this.

As we debated faith one more time she grabbed her worn Bible and held it out with both hands, “Andy! You’ve got to take all of the Bible or non of it!”

She was right. Though there were some gray areas in my mind as far as faith and the Bible go, I was tired of trying to live on my own. I was empty. Life seemed dark. Church was empty too. I wanted my faith back. I got it back that night when I asked Jesus to come into my life again. I knew that by acknowledging my need for a Savior, I was recognizing Him as the Savior of the world once more. I also claimed my faith in the Word of God . . . again.

A few days later I found myself coming out of the waters of baptism rubbing my hands together. I was ready. No turning back.

Last week we read verses about renewing our minds. We called it new thinking patterns. Surely one of my new thinking patterns was belief in every word of the Bible–every promise.

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So, let’s start with these promises.

bite of bread Gods promises

As you chew on these scriptures, test your heart concerning these truths. Are they hard to believe? Sometimes we feel some of God’s promises only manifest themselves in other people’s lives, not ours. But these promises are eternal and for all who believe/trust. Remember, think mythically.

Grab your journal and pen, jot down the reading plan, and write down what is the hardest thing for you to believe about God in your life. If none of these scriptures apply, ask the Lord to lead you to the Scripture promise that you need to hold onto.

I will be away this week at a writers conference in the heart of the North Carolina mountains. I won’t be Perscoping my Bite of Bread, but I do hope to get on to say “Hey!” and show you the beauty of the mountains. I’ve promised a field trip!


Finding Purpose in God’s Promises,



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