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Bite of Bread Reading Plan: Prayer Verses


I plod down the stairs trying not to step on the cat (Hank) who is racing me to the kitchen.

Hank must wait, however. I must make the coffee before he gets fed.

Coffee made. Cat with food in his bowl.

I get on my knees as the coffee percolates.




“Dear God, thank you for this day. I love you and praise you Jesus. . . ”

What do I need to get done today? I need to go to WalMart, the post office. . .

Oh Lord, I’m so sorry, please focus my mind on you so I can pray . . .”

. . . Is the coffee ready? 

This is what my my prayer time looks like some mornings.

Some days it’s simply hard to focus. And that’s when I really need help with my prayers. When it’s hard to settle my mind, I know I need to pour my coffee, take a sip, grab my Bible and use scriptures to pray.

Praying Scripture focuses our prayers, but it also unites our hearts with the men after God’s heart.

Their prayers etched into eternity connect our hearts and minds with petitions that go beyond our earthly requests.



Bite of Bread Prayer verses


I’m so excited about the “Bites” this week. Turn them into prayers.

Leave a comment to encourage others: Do you have a particular scripture you love to pray?


Finding Purpose in Prayer,






  1. Janice

    Thanks Andy & Annie… Thought I was only one…

    1. Morning Janice! Of course you aren’t the only one. It’s a human condition! LOL. Much love.

  2. Annie

    Thank you for your authenticity! This struggle is very real for me some mornings and your spot on with praying the words of scripture. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve knelt down just simply praying the words in psalms. Praise Jesus that He isn’t impressed by our eloquent words but He knows our hearts intent is to know Him and grow in relationship with Him.

    1. Hi sweet Annie! This struggle is real for all of us I think. :) I love praying the psalms too. Thanks for stopping by!

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