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Bite of Bread: Living Homesick

Remember what it felt like to be homesick?


I remember the pit in my stomach, the ache in my young heart, and the lump in my throat.

Tears would betray me every time.

Many times I was only forty-five minutes away from home and gone for a few days, but the longing for security, mom’s cooking, and my own bed overshadowed the joy of my camping trip or my visit with my grandparents. I even remember feeling this way spending the night at a friend’s home a couple of blocks from mine. I faked a stomach ache so I could go home. My parents had to come get me in the middle of the night.


I’m all grown up now. Three young adult children, almost twenty-five years of marriage, and nearing the big half-a-century birthday prove that I’m an adult. Yet, even now homesickness creeps up on me once in awhile.

But it’s not a longing for the place I grew up.

It’s a longing for a place I’ve never been.

I felt it the other day. I was driving down the road contemplating the world we live in and the battle that wages against what God created, and I felt it. That old familiar ache returned, and I felt the pit in my stomach, the lump in my throat, and tears threatened to betray me.

I’m not sure I’ve felt it so strongly.

But I longed for my real home. I longed for heaven.

My desire wasn’t sparked by calamities in my life or the death of someone I love who I desperately miss–that’s what usually stirs the ache.

No. This time it was something more. I was reminded that I’m not from here.

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This week’s Bite of Bread is about who we belong to and how we are to live in light of His mercy.

Jot down these verses. Find your favorite “quiet time” spot. Coffee. Candle. Journal and pen. These are the recipe to finding a little bit of “home” before you start your day.

Bite of Bread Romans 11-12


Do you ever feel homesick for heaven? What do you do when you feel that pit in your stomach?

With Purpose,


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