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Bite of Bread: January 27-February 2 (Focus: God’s Faithfulness)


Winter branch


January is a l-o-n-g month. In the past, it was one of the hardest months for me to get through. I’m not a cold weather fan, and January is always cold unless you live in Florida or  somewhere warm year-round. January is usually cloudy. And it’s always really tough financially (because we spent so much money in December for gifts.)

Anybody else struggle through January?

Well, if you do, I have great news. This is the last week of the longest month of the year!

We made it.

How are your resolutions going or your one word? How’s the Knee Challenge? This is Day 21. Have you been able to get on your knees in prayer everyday?

Keep on keepin’ on. Even if you’ve missed a few days, even if your resolutions have gone South and headed for Florida. Start again. It’s Monday. It’s a new week…almost a new month, but you still have a few days to renew what you resolved before February begins.

I don’t know about you, but it always helps me to know that:

  • I can try again tomorrow.
  • January only has 31 days–we don’t live in Narnia, a land of perpetual winter.
  • God’s mercies are new every morning.

This week’s Bite of Bread focus is the faithfulness of God. Though thankfully the seasons change– He does not. Though we fail in our resolves; He will not. He keeps His promises. I hope you find comfort and renewed energy in this truth…everyday.

My journal. Finally filled this one up!
My journal. Finally filled this one up!


This week’s Bible Reading Plan:

Make time each day to spend some time with God. Pour yourself some coffee. Grab a journal. Write down these scriptures and what God is promising you through them. He is faithful.



Bite of Bread Jan. 27-Feb 2

ps. Monday should’ve been Lamentations 3:22-24!



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