Bite of Bread,  Holy Spirit

Bite of Bread: Holy Spirit Power to Love

Holy Spirit Power to Love


The Holy Spirit of God is given to us so that we can become participants in God’s compassion and so reach out to all people at all times with God’s heart.” ~Here and Now, Henry Nouwen

Let it soak in.

The Holy Spirit of God is given to us so that we can become participants in God’s compassion and so reach out to all people at all times with God’s heart.~Nouwen Click To Tweet

How different would our light shine to the world if our desire for the Holy Spirit was so that our heart beat to the same love-rhythm as God’s?

What if we desired that more than healing power or the gift of tongues or prophecy or wisdom but simply to obtain His compassion?

My compassion has limits. His does not. Mine runs dry; I’ve been drained before, but His is a never ending fountain of Living Water for those in need.

Sometimes we just need Holy Spirit love for our own families whom we take care of day in and day out. Amen?

Learn to relate to others through My love rather than yours. Your human love is ever so limited full of flaws and manipulation. My loving Presence, which always enfolds you, is available to bless others as well as you….Let my love envelop your outreach to other people.” ~Jesus Calling, Sarah Young.

Does it bring release to know we need the Holy Spirit to help us love?

Bite of Bread Holy Spirit love

Fill up with Him this week as you read the Bites of Bread and journal your thoughts and prayers. No burdens. Only do for others as God gives you the strength and grace to give. I’ll see you on our Facebook Fellowship Page with an image of the Scripture Bite for the day and I’ll share what I’ve found studying the Bites every morning at 8:20 ET. See you on Periscope or you can watch the replay on our Fellowship page.

Much Love and Grace,





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  • Laura Menefee

    I have been thinking of this a lot lately. I am feeling convicted to love someone different than I had intended to and in a way that can only really come from God, not myself. It is causing me to need to Trust God in a way that is challenging and to let go of my own heart’s desires to put someone elses’ heart in priority. I don’t know what I would do without the Holy Spirit right now. I don’t even know how to do what I am meant to do.

    • Andy

      Wow, Laura! That is powerful. Pray. Ask for grace to see that person as God does. I have always had to pray for God to help me love the people in my life. (Even when I liked them!) I will be praying for you. Just ask Holy Spirit to fill you with His thoughts and expectations. So glad you stopped by!

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