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Bite of Bread: Gabriel’s Visits (December 16-22)



One of my favorite parts of the Christmas story is Gabriel’s visits to Zechariah and  Elizabeth and their relative, Mary.

They were normal, everyday people visited by the angel who came from the presence of God to bring them news that they were chosen.

Zechariah was told that his prayer had been heard.

How many of us would love to hear that?

I pray the scriptures this week will continue to prepare our hearts for the coming Christmas day. I pray that you’ll step into these biblical characters’ sandals as you read. And I pray that this will encourage you if you desire to be used by God.

He has come, but He is coming back one day.

…to reign forever.

With Joy!



A_time_for_a_cup_of_coffeeCoffee with Jesus every morning….


Monday: Luke 1:8-13

Tuesday: Luke 1:14-17

Wednesday: Luke 1:18-22

Thursday: Luke 1:23

Friday: Luke 1:26-29

Saturday: Luke 1:30-33

Sunday: Luke 1:34-38



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