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Bite of Bread: Bible Verses for days of fighting Battles


Bible verse for days of battle




Shields were used in battle.

Nobody needed a shield on a peaceful day.

I know many people fighting battles right now. Some of the fights are just starting. Some have lasted way too long.

If you’re not in the midst of a struggle, I hope you will still write down these verses in preparation for anything to come. Jesus promised us that we would have trouble in this world. But He also promised that He has overcome the world. That means, He can give us peace while the artillery continues shooting.

Bite of Bread Shield of God

Write down a verse in your journal each day and circle all the “trust”s you find as you read. Claim these verses for your life and ask God to help you trust His goodness and His shield. Write that prayer everyday.

Remember, a soldier held his shield in front of him as he marched toward the battle. If a person was shielded by the soldier, she stood between the soldier and the shield. Can you imagine how close that would be?

If you are going through a battle, you’ve gotta cling close to God in order for His shield to cover you.

The battle is not a sign of God’s absence.

It’s absolutely not a time to stop trusting God.

The battle is the most desperate time when we need to trust Him in order to be under His shield.

Where are you standing? Does a battle make you want to run from God or to Him?


In the middle,






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