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It was beckoning me. The promise could not be hidden as the light of dawn began to linger in the corner of my back yard. I had to peek my head out and smell the morning. Once I did that, I was smitten. In minutes I was dressed and ready to fellowship with the pines and birds in the cool morning air.

But something unusual happened. Rather than walking my routine route, I went backwards. I don’t mean I walked backwards, I started in the direction where I usually end. If I went the normal way, my back would’ve been facing the morning show– the reason I was out there in the first place.

Not only did I go the opposite direction, I got off the tidy sidewalk, and walked in the long grass and sandy paths along the way. Sand burrs, red oak leaves scattered through out the green pines, crows, and a woodpecker were just a few treasures I found off my beaten path. Not that sand burrs are treasures, but they make you stop to get them off. It’s good to stop.

As I neared the end of my walk, a little bummed that the morning sky had lost its blush, the sun began to peek over a group of clouds sitting on the horizon. If it had not been for those clouds nor my backwards route, I couldn’t have witnessed the silver lined throne of the morning star.  It was perfect ending.

I’m convinced. God wants to bless us.

If He seems to be urging you in a different direction than your comfortable routine, follow those leads! Trust you are hearing Him. I believe that even if we don’t hear correctly, or if it doesn’t really matter, He blesses us for following what we sense as His promptings because He blesses faith.

My normal route would’ve been a blessing too, but I would’ve missed the throne.

Grace and peace,

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