God's presence, loneliness, Need, surrender

All Wrapped Up

The eternal God is your
and underneath are the
everlasting arms.    (Deuteronomy 33:27)

I thought I had told him the story a thousands times before, but Mike seemed amazed as I recollected a very special moment with God. As we lay in the dark talking Saturday night, I told him of this experience I had almost twelve years ago. I remember it as if it were yesterday:

Mike was gone. He was deployed for 5 months to Kosovo while the kids and I stayed behind in our home in Germany.  I had my marching orders, and I had found my battle rythym. For those of you reading this who are military spouses, you know what I mean. After a few weeks, you “settle in” to your routine of single parenting. You get into a “battle” rythym of sorts.

I was thriving actually. Digging into the Lord, the Bible, fellowship with other believers, teaching Bible study, etc. etc. I had begun to realize how much God Himself had to be my source.

But one dark night as I crawled into bed, I felt alone. Looking up at the ceiling, I spoke honestly with the Lord as if He were up there.

“God, I know you’re my cake. Mike and the kids are just the icing. But Lord, I can feel Mike’s arms around me when he is here, and I cannot feel yours. You are invisible.”

Tears fell onto the sheets as I turned over to try to sleep. Facing the dark window, I felt invisible arms wrap around me. Tangible yet unseen. Warm and gentle. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep wrapped in HIS arms.

I’ve never experienced anything like this again.

In church on Sunday we sang a song that was a perfect addition to my memory the night before. These were the words:

There is a God who loves me
Who wraps me in His arms
That is the place where I’m changed
And that’s where I belong

Take me to that place Lord
To that secret place where
I can be with you
You can make me like you

Wrap me in your arms
Wrap me in your arms
Wrap me in your arms

written by William McDowell
The verse at the beginning of the post was the scripture from Jesus Calling today. And it just seemed that with the memory Saturday night, the song we sang at church on Sunday, and the scripture today, God wanted me to write about HIS arms. HIS faithful, gentle, strong, life-changing arms.
He’s waiting.
He’s tangible. 
Surrender, honesty, and need will lead us into His arms every time.
Even when we can’t feel Him, He is there.
Grace and Peace,
Today’s verse: Psalm 139:23-24. Look it up, copy it down, pray it!

ps. I accidentally published a second post today that was actually for tomorrow! It’s 2 for 1 day today! Please scroll down to read the 2nd post.

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