A Prayer for Strength

You can pray this for loved ones.

You can pray this for yourself.

I’m praying this prayer for all of us today.


Prayer for strength

I could never have come up with such wisdom on my own. I’m thankful the Apostle Paul penned these words in his letter to the Colossians thousands of years ago. Timeless. Eternal. Words. (Colossians 1:11,12).

It’s a prayer that helps us with today but goes beyond to our tomorrow, to the kingdom of light. I want to invite you to park out on the thought of the kingdom of light for a little bit. Close your eyes and envision such a kingdom.

Often scripture is a starting point that helps me continue to pray in my own words. So, I continue . . .

“Lord, thank you for saving us. Thank you for the kingdom of light that awaits our entry. Strengthen us, fill us with joy, patience, and endurance, and most of all a thankful spirit. Because when we are thankful, we can endure anything. And our joy and endurance will testify of your Presence. We can’t do this without you. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Amen.”


Have a great weekend! Get some fresh air, sun, and exercise!!

Digging Deep in Faith,




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  1. Cheryl Johnston

    Love this post, Andy! Feeling so encouraged now for friends and family who are not yet Christ-followers. I’m saving the image to my computer’s desktop!! Hope you feel better soon.

    1. That’s so encouraging, Cheryl! I love how God uses our offerings even when we feel they are small. It is an amazing prayer to pray. I’m looking forward to seeing the fruit of it. Love you sweet lady!

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