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A Friday Post for Israel

“It’s Friday! Oh no! I don’t have anything to write!” –a glimpse into my frantic mind.

There are those who feel they have to say something and those who feel they have something to say.

I’m afraid I’m of the former at this moment. But I will continue.

It’s been a wonderfully hectic week filled with end of the year awards ceremonies attended because that is what you are supposed to do even if your child doesn’t get an award. My daughter turned 20 and a few more gray hairs appeared on my head. We’re having a party tonight of super heroes. (Everyone is to make up their own super hero personae and costume.) Next week one son will graduate high school. Busy.

So much going on and then I get this video about Israel. It shook me. It made all of my prayers of the week seem so puny. But I had prayed this morning for our prayers to be about more than our comfort. Then I watched this video a friend had e-mailed me.

I am not a political activist. I run from politics more than embrace it. But this video shook me to the core. I asked myself what I could do. I know I can pray. But I think perhaps my reservoir of things to write is empty today because this is what God wants me to share.

This is what I can do beyond prayer. It’s not much, but it’s a start.

I hope you will click on the link and watch the video. It is enlightening and scary. If you’ve had a hard time trying to figure out what’s going on concerning the land in Israel, this will make it clear.

We must pray for Israel.

Much love to you my friends,


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