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7 Verses on God’s Protection #BiteofBread

The room fell silent as all eyes focused on me for a response to her question.

Our Sunday school class was studying a Psalm about God being our stronghold, refuge, and fortress. I think the verse talked about God protecting His righteous ones. It was a great scripture. But on this particular Sunday as our church reeled from a terrible heartbreak in the life of one of our members, a verse like that didn’t seem to ring true. And that was the question that had been hurled at me, the teacher.

Anger lingered behind the petition. “Why didn’t God protect her!?”

Do you experience  moments when someone asks you something and you cannot give them an answer for the life of you, even though you know you should have that answer?

This moment still haunts me.

I remember looking into the eyes of my accuser and my tongue and mind were completely frozen. I had nothing.

Now, fifteen years later, a lot of study and much life lived, my own heartbreak and grief experienced, I could give a different answer rather than , “I don’t know.”

But on that day her question shot to my heart.

We can read verses about God’s protection, and they are so encouraging, and so important to hold onto. But the fact is, Jesus told us that we would have trouble in this world. Yet He promised protection and peace in the midst of the trouble.

Come study these scriptures about God’s protection. Join me each morning on my daily broadcast to dig deep and navigate these verses studying context and language and connecting them with other verses.

God is our shield. He is a protector. And He is our help in times of trouble. Come be encouraged.

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