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“In this life we have an incomplete view of God’s dealings, seeing His plan only half finished and underdeveloped. Yet once we stand in the magnificent temple of eternity, we will have the proper perspective and will see everything fitting gracefully together!” (Streams in the Desert).


Yesterday I visited with a young woman who recently graduated from college. Rather than getting a job in her major, she is working for Campus Crusade this year. This requires raising her salary with the support of other people. I loved her excitement and amazing stories of God’s provision and confirmation of her plans. Just in the past week God had used her to share the gospel with people on the beach. The Holy Spirit opened their hearts to understand and believe. She was ecstatic. I was too.


Wow. How I needed to hear about God working in such tangible ways today. I was encouraged by her faith.


Twenty years span between our lives. I could be her mother.  

When I was her age I thought I’d have “move mountains” faith by the time I was forty. I had crazy faith in my twenties. But as I spoke with her I saw the girl I used to be. I don’t look like that anymore. Life has a way of testing that excitement and vigor. Don’t worry—I have faith, but it doesn’t look like I thought it would by now.


The journey is long. Hot. Dusty. And sometimes hard.


But I think it has to be this way.


f it were easy, it wouldn’t be faith. Right?


And though I’m weary at times, I do feel a deepness to the faith inside. Faith despite pain and sorrow, disappointment and struggle. Faith gathered with blessings as well as frustration—not only for my life but the lives of those to whom I minister and pray for but see no answers. I have to hold on to faith or I have nothing.

Photo by Kim Andrist


I look forward to the day when I step across the threshold of the eternal Temple of God and I understand.


Until then I will choose to trust and hang out with people like Danella as much as possible. I want to be like her when I grow up!

Does your faith look like you thought it would at this stage in your life? What encourages your faith?
Much grace,
You do not realize what I am doing now, but later you will understand (John 13:7).

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