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A Bible Reading Plan that Feeds Your Soul


If you read my books or articles or hear me teach very long, you’ll quickly see I’m passionate about the Bible. It’s my life source. It’s our life source. Jesus said,

“Man shall not live on bread alone, but one every word from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4 AND Luke 4:4).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my bread, especially with melted butter, and when I was little, if there wasn’t a pie for dessert, we’d have a fold-over slice of bread with butter and jelly. (I’m from Oklahoma.)

But tangible bread leaves me hungry in a few hours. It cannot mold my heart and renew my thought patterns aligning them with God’s. We must “be in the Word in order for it to get in us” as my pastor says.

So . . . what you get at this website is a meal for your soul. Every Sunday night I write a post on the topic for the week, usually digging deeper into a Hebrew or Greek word from a scripture, and giving a Bible reading plan of seven verses, “bites” of scripture to chew on each day. The plan is called the Bite of Bread. 

What makes this Bible reading plan different from others?

  • One verse a day. A Bite a day. 🙂
  • A Printable: I provide a printable with the scriptures and extra questions and prompts to deepen your time with the Lord– like this one. 
  • A Scripture Image that can be found on my social media sites, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 
  • A Live Daily Teaching: Come dig in the Word of God in my kitchen with hundreds!  If you can’t be there at 8:20 AM ET or don’t do Facebook, you can watch and be encouraged on my YouTube channel.


I know you have a billion (literally) other blogs you could choose to follow. There are many wonderful faith blogs out there, and You Version makes finding a Bible reading plan easier than ever. Yes, I know.

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But I also know that something drew you here. A Google search, a friend, a social media share. Whatever brought you here, I’m so honored. I hope you’ll poke around the site a little bit. Find out more about me and read some of my posts. And if you think this site may add value to your life, subscribe! You’ll not only begin to receive the weekly Bite of Bread reading plans, but you’ll also get a 22-Day Devotional on Psalm 119, Finding the Beauty {Full} in God’s Word. The subscription box is in the right sidebar or you can click here.


I want to help you live fully.

Come dig deep.



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