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So, you know how I told you I’m not a guy? Well, if you try to find me on YouTube, you’ll get a football player, comedian, or a wrestler, all of which are guys. It’s kind of hard to find me, but I’m there!

All the daily broadcasts from our Facebook Live fellowship are uploaded to my YouTube channel. I realize not everybody is on Facebook, and some of my tribe misses our gatherings on the weekends, because I don’t do the live broadcast on the weekend (I need a couple days off too). This gives those friends a chance to watch other lessons and catch up on anything they missed.

Maybe you will too!

If you get a chance to hop over to the channel, subscribe! And if you watch a video, likes are loved. 🙂 When you subscribe, YouTube sends you an email when I’ve uploaded a new video. Don’t miss a Bite of Bread broadcast!


Click here to go to my channel. 




Andy (not a football player) Lee





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