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Value Based on Desire

The misunderstandings many people have about God have led to confusion about what it means to be a person of value. We assume that our ultimate value is derived from our contributions. When we contribute to a group or individual, we expect them to value us. While we may gain recognition from our peers, the value is usually placed on our work rather than on our person….[With God] our value is not determined by our actions, but by Who it is that desires us.

What makes a house increase in value? The simple fact that someone wants it….. By that simple standard, you have great value because you are desired by God. He enjoys you beyond measure. (Mike Bickle, Seven Longings of the Human Heart p. 29)
I loved this “house” analogy. It’s so true. We’ve all heard of a house selling for a lot of money- not because it’s worth it, but because of a bidding war; two or three sets of people really wanted it. (I’ve owned one of those homes!) The high selling price was not about the house. It was about the desire for the house. 
Have you ever spent way too much money for something because you just HAD to have it? Your desire took over. The same item could’ve been bought for less money, but the desire for it caused an impulsive purchase. However, you love it so much that the cost doesn’t matter. You’re so happy you have it.
Can we really believe that God’s love for us is not based on our actions? It is simply based on His desire for us. He paid the highest price because of this great desire.
It’s so hard to get our human reasoning and “rules” out of our head. But God does not think the way we think. His love for us is not based upon our performance. It’s simply based on who He is and who we are to Him. His children. A piece of His DNA. We are made in His image. Beautiful.
I believe God simply wants us to love Him in the same way. To love Him just because we desire Him. But sometimes we base our love for Him on our circumstances. On our desire for our life to be without hardship.
“If God measures up, if He answers all my prayers, I will love Him because that means He loves me.”
Typing those words on a computer screen just caused me to cringe. Do we really do that? If we are honest, many of us will have to confess that we do or at one time in our journey with God, we did.
Don’t we just want to be loved for who we are? So does the Living God.
Take some time to get to know Him.
Make prayer a dialogue rather than a monologue. Listen.
Read His word.
Dance with Him.
Sing with Him.
Laugh with Him.
Because He values time with you.
Much love,
ps. This is a day early, but I’m feeling the urge of the Holy Spirit to post it today. We’ll see what He’s got for tomorrow!

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