The Wonder-doing God

I’m sharing another excerpt from Springs in the Valley. (For more information read Wed.’s post.) Hold on to your hats. Be prepared to have your faith socks knocked off! Be encouraged and strengthened. We must believe and trust the Wonder-doing God.

They Spoke against God saying, ‘Can God spread a table in the desert?’ (Psalm 78:19).

“Can God?” the subtle Tempter breathes within,
When all seems lost, expecting sure defeat,
“Can God roll back the raging seas of sin?”
“Can God?” the fainting heart doth quick repeat.

“God Can!” in trumpet tones rings faith’s glad cry,
And, David-like, it fears no giant foe,
For faith dwells on the Mount, serene, and high,
While unbelief’s dark clouds roll far below.

“God can!” His Saints of old did ever give
Their fullest confirmation o’er and o’er,
And He who make the long-dead bones to live,
E’en now can bring the dead to life once more.

“God can!” Then let us fear not, but arise!
Our motto be this word that He doth give,
If I have faith, before our wondering eyes
Written by, J.A.R.

“There is no strength in unbelief…..We must desire and believe. We must ask and expect that God will do un-looked for things! We must set our faith on a God of whom men do not know what He hath prepared for them that wait for Him. The Wonder-doing God…must be the God of our confidence.” ANDREW MURRAY (p. 30, Jan. 19,Springs in the Valley)

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