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The Purpose

It’s always good to reevaluate why you are doing what you do. As I was going through my archives I found this post. This was my mission statement, I guess. I don’t post many blurbs from my book anymore, but I hope to bring this blog back to the Marys and to other Biblical characters who were used by God despite their human hearts. A Mary Like Me is being considered at this time by a publisher. Thanks for reading the blog, and thanks for praying!

September 2, 2009

Her Name Was Mary (now A Mary Like Me) is a blog for those who desire to be loved and to be known simply for who they are. It is a blog for those who feel a little lost in this world- perhaps homeless, a foreigner, in need of a friend and a Savior. It is true that the more I know the Lord, and the more my family moves around, the less I feel “at home” anywhere. Maybe you can relate.

This blog is for those who doubt and fear the call of God on your life. It is for those who have felt betrayed by Jesus because of an unanswered prayer for a loved one, and it is for those who are sometimes haunted by their past hurts, failings, and broken hearts.

I will be sharing excerpts from a book I have written about three women who each encountered the very same fears, heart-aches, and hauntings we have. Religion has given these ladies monumental status, but the truth is, they were just like you and me. Come meet these women named Mary. In the presence of Jesus their “weaknesses” became their strengths. Hopefully as you walk this journey with me, you will encounter Jesus and his life-changing love too.

I end the post today with this encouraging scripture penned by the Apostle Paul. It leaped off the page of the Bible into my soul yesterday. I hope it leaps into yours!

But now you do know God, and more than that, you are known by God! Gal. 4:9 CJB (Complete Jewish Bible)

Grace and peace,
andy lee

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