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The Grass is Greener on the Other Side: Praying for Dragonfly Eyes


“Set your mind on things above, not on things that are on earth” (Col. 3:2).


I’ve heard (though I can’t remember the source) that the colors in heaven will be amazing. They will be more vivid, even different colors than what we see on this earth–new ones.

So, actually, the grass will be greener on the other side!

I’ve been pondering this heavenly color thing this week after watching a show on dragonflies.

Photo by R.A Nonmacher
Photo by R.A Nonmacher

They’re amazing. Their wings are a masterpiece of beauty and design, but their eyes are what got me thinking about the colors of heaven because dragonflies see more color than we do.

Don’t worry, I will keep this as simple as possible, but if you want the more scientific version click (here).

In lay-man terms, we humans have tri-color vision seeing colors through a combination of red, blue, and green–most of the animal kingdom does. Our ability to see through these three colors is attributed to three light-sensitive proteins in our eyes called opsins. 

While we only have three opsins, dragonflies have at least eleven and some up to thirty! Scientist believe these insects can see polarized light and ultraviolet light, so the colors they see are different from those we see. Isn’t that amazing?

And you are thinking, “Andy, where are you going with this science class today?”

Well . . . I’m pointing us to heaven.

Because all of these interesting facts about the dragonfly’s eyes made me think about what our bodies are going to be like in heaven. The scriptures promise that we will receive new bodies, imperishable ones. New and improved and perfect.

Could it be that when we have our new bodies our eyes will see like the dragonfly’s?

Will this be the reason the colors of heaven are more vivid than what we see now?

Are colors actually that vivid in this life but we simply can’t see them?

I’ve got a feeling they are. And if the colors shine in deeper hues, more vibrantly, even differently here and now, how many other things are happening on this earth that seem dull or gray but are actually beautiful?

Oh for eyes to catch glimpses of heaven in the smallest details here and now–eyes that keep our mind focused on eternity rather than the problems of today. I’m not saying we should ignore our problems, but if we focus more on heaven, eyes open to glimpses of eternity now, those colors will carry us through the problems as we grow closer to the greener grass on the other side.

I’m feeling a prayer coming on . . .

“Creator God, we are amazed by your creation, your genius, your artistry. We are so excited about stepping into heaven one day fully restored, renewed, new bodies, new eyes that see all the colors we can’t see now. Give us a glimpse of your glory every day. Remind us of our hope and eternity with each sunrise and dragonfly. Keep our minds on heaven. We love you. Thank you for Jesus. Amen.”

Have you seen a glimpse of heaven lately? What was it?

Keep your eyes open!


Photo attribution:

“Dragonfly ran-103” by R. A. Nonenmacher – Photographed by me. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons –


R. A. Nonemacher
R. A. Nonemacher



  1. […] all started with a post I wrote on dragonflies. The fact those insects see colors we can’t see carried my thoughts to the possibility of […]

    1. Thanks Sandy! Isn’t the thought of new eyes able to see new colors amazing?

  2. sondradron

    I loved your science class. Everything declares the glory of God.
    A young artist named Akiana claimed God showed her things and that heaven
    has colors we don’t know here. Google her. Her art is amazing. I think Colton Burpo of Heaven is for Real agreed about the colors. Thanks for adding color to my day.

    1. Yes Sondra! That’s it! I love her paintings and love Burpo’s story! Thank you!

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