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The Glitter Maker

I’m terrified. God has called me to form a writing group in Wilmington, and I am terrified. A week ago I gave a truly motivating speech to the trees as I walked down the path through my neighborhood. How I wish I would have taped that brilliant speech. Now that the day is here I fear my voice will be shaky and my words confused when I stand before other writers and give the welcome speech.

I’ve never been the president of anything (that I can remember). I’ve held many offices and responsibilities, but not president. I’m feeling a “Moses” moment coming on. I’ve never attended one of these groups. I feel like the blind leading the blind.


This morning as I stepped outside for some fresh air, I looked up to see the stars twinkling through the crisp cool atmosphere. And I realized how perfect His creation is. God topped off our beautiful world with a glittered sky. There is glitter in my sky! How could I worry about anything God has called me to do if He would put glitter in the black velvet above my head? His finishing touches are perfect.

I know He is not finished with me yet. But I know that if He can give the sky glitter, he will equip me by His grace to do what I believe His called me to do.

Still scared, but I know who my Redeemer is. (In case I mess up!)

And I know the one who glittered my darkness.

Grace and peace,

Today’s Scripture: Eph. 2:6-7

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