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Salty Temptation

I went to a Pampered Chef party the other night. It’s one of my favorite of those kind of parties. If I had to sell anything, it would be Pampered Chef, but anyway…

When you go to a party like that, there are a lot of temptations. (At least for me!) Good quality, smart stuff with a pretty price tag. You have to weigh the cost with the quality, and you have to decide if you can live without it or not. I had a “budget”. I had some cash to spend- nothing else.

As I thumbed through the catalog, enticing pictures of a wooden salad bowl and salad tongs caught my eye. I need those salad tongs! I’ve wanted a bowl like that for a long time! The price was in the budget. I was excited. There was also a handy, functional utensil used to cook ground meat- it helps chop it up in the pan. Yay! Need that.

But then…I saw them. The most beautiful set of salt and pepper grinders I’ve ever seen. Maybe it was the light colored wood, or maybe it was their heavy glass quality and the way the light reflected off of them that drew me to them. I so intended to add them to my list until I looked at the cost. Their price equalled the total of the three other pieces I had chosen. Temptation…The rationalizing conversation in my head went something like this:

I haven’t been to one of these parties in years! I can spend a little more money. Mike would love these grinders; he loves quality. They would look beautiful on my table. We would actually be able to see how much salt was going on our food rather than hit or miss with our one hole polish pottery salt shaker!”

Have you had one of these justifying conversations in your head trying to convince yourself to splurge?

It was prayer time. It was discipline time. It was time to be smart. Can you guess what I did?

Yep. I said no to the covetted salt and pepper set. I probably can find one at Walmart. Or maybe they will go on sale! Maybe…maybe… maybe it doesn’t matter. (smile)

My experience reminded me it is good to deny yourself. We live in a culture that doesn’t hold this belief. But I’ve found when I’ve fasted and prayed, that denying myself for a day or month or whatever the fast has pertained, I lived through it just fine, and I gained strength (spiritually) and wisdom from saying no for the moment.

This wisdom can apply to our lives on so many levels. Even at Pampered Chef parties.

Is God calling you to say no to something?

He is working for our good. I have found He never demands for us to say no to something without providing something better.

Even salt and pepper grinder sets.

Much love,

“For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21

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