Red Shoes and God

(I wrote this on Wednesday afternoon.)

Today I promised to be very spiritual. This was my plan: Whenever I was tempted to work on an article I’m obsessing over, I was going to focus on God, read my Bible…love on Him.

It is almost 5:00pm and supper will not cook itself, but I felt I had to sit down and tell you what I did today. I did not sit at home and read my Bible. I went shopping.

Is that a sin?

I did refocus my brain every time I thought of my writing projects. I did pray for God to use them. And I did sense Him telling me to hold them a little bit longer. Wait.


Slow down.

Trust MY timing.

I do plan on getting into the Word after supper and most of the day Thursday, but right now despite my lack of “spiritualness,” I feel very close to Him.

Who knew red shoes could be such a blessing?

As Joyce Meyer says, “Some days you’ve just got to minister to your emotions!”

I knew I liked that lady.

Grace and Peace,

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