Bite of Bread

Places of Rest: Bite of Bread Reading Plan


I am amazed by how busy and frantic most of us are.

It’s rather frightening. Disturbing.

Whenever I dare to complain about my busyness, my sweet husband (who I don’t perceive as sweet when he says this) reminds me that I am the one who puts so many things on my plate.

I hate it when he says that.

But its’ true. To a certain extent, I control what I sign up to do.

But I also feel our technology, which was invented to make our lives easier, actually made us busier because we can work in the dark, at home, and constantly communicate with others. Even when our homes are quiet, life can be very loud with no sound at all. The boundaries of work and home are fuzzier everyday.

Yet our very wise creator Himself knew when to rest. If God rested, so shouldn’t we?

This week’s Bite of Bread reading plan is all about rest.

Bite of Bread Places of Rest

Jot the verses down or take a screen shot. Pour your coffee, and enjoy chewing on each morsel from God’s word.

There are many places in our lives where we need rest.

  • We’re working all hours of the day, running in place, but not getting anywhere.
  • We’re striving for grace, when we already have been given it.
  • We’re weary and burdened worrying about tomorrow’s problem that we can’t fix.

Do you find yourself needing rest in any of these areas? 

Slow down.

Listen to His wisdom.

I find that when I’m rested, I get more done. Peace gives me energy.

I pray you have an amazing restful, breakthrough, new understandings week!

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Finding Purpose in Resting,




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  2. Patricia Keough-Wilson

    Have you been overhearing conversations at our home? Both Ken and I are overwhelmed. Our schedules are temporarily too full and tasks have pushed into time set aside for us, for individual quiet. We go to church Saturday evening. Saturdays are supposed to be for pleasure. Sunday is our Sabbath. But the weekends have been disrupted for several months and we need to diligently reclaim them, prayerfully. Thanks.

    1. Hey Patricia! Unfortunately, I think this is a conversation in most of our homes these days. I will be praying for your and Ken’s discernment and much needed rest each day. Blessings! Thanks for sharing!

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