My head popped off the pillow yesterday morning an hour later than normal. I literally jumped out of bed and started running. Mike said it was the funniest thing he ever saw! I don’t know about that. But I share this with you not only for your imaginative viewing pleasure, but to tell you I had no time for my quiet-time with Jesus yesterday morning. So, today I got caught up. This was Jesus Calling yesterday. Yet another reminder of the danger of too much self-assessment or self-focus.

Be on your guard against the pit of self-pity. When you are weary or unwell, this demonic trap is the greatest danger you face. Don’t even go near the edge of the pit. Its edges crumble easily, and before you know it, you are on the way down. It is ever so much harder to get out of the pit than to keep a safe distance from it. That is why I tell you to be on your guard. (JC Feb. 23.)

So how do we not go near that edge? How do we stay out of that self-thought process that often leads to self-pity. My struggle last week proved two things to me. I was struggling with criticism. God told me to say “thank you” for the criticism. “Thank you” actually took the blow out of the critical spirit eating away at my heart. He also told me to focus on Him rather than me.

And His Spirit is impressing on me this morning to encourage those struggling, perhaps already in the pit to cry out His name, “Jesus!”

Be persistent with these good things. Sometimes it takes awhile, but His name, His thoughts, and thankfulness is powerful against the enemy’s schemes.

More about His name on Sunday.

Have a blessed Friday my friends!

Grace and peace,

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