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Pentecost in November?

….Leave the cross with me (yesterday’s post) and come to the day of Pentecost. (I know, we haven’t celebrated Christmas yet…work with me.)

Jesus appeared to His apostles after His death, and before He ascended into heaven, He instructed them not to leave Jerusalem. So the group of followers returned to Jerusalem where they met in an upper room. Luke records that Mary, the mother of Jesus and His brothers were there. (Remember, Jesus gave John instructions to take care of Mary as his own mother.)

If Mary was with this group of apostles, she no doubt saw her resurrected son ascend. As a mother, I’m sure she longed to hold Him and touch Him. Maybe she held on for a long time like Mary Magdalene.

She had watched Jesus die a torturous death; she had seen Him resurrected, but she had to say goodbye again as she strained to watch Him float up into the heavens. I wonder if she felt sad that day.
If she did feel empty and sad, it would not be for long because God would grant her a gift even better than the conception of the Christ-child within her womb. Truly generations would call her blessed, “makarios,” for Mary N. would soon receive the Holy Spirit with the others.

Our dear Mary was filled with the Holy Spirit of her son. She would carry His Presence within her for the rest of her life. Hallelujah! I believe it was essential for her to be with the disciples the day of Pentecost. This is why Jesus made the provision He made as He was dying on the cross. Our God does not miss one desire of our hearts. He is always faithful and gives to us beyond our wildest dreams.

Mary N. would never be separated from her son again.

~excerpt from A Mary Like Me

As we walk with the Lord facing challenges and faith-snatching circumstances, let’s sit quietly in His Presence and visualize the Holy Spirit filling our souls with Him. Rather than petitioning for a miracle, let’s listen quietly for His voice and realize that the greatest of miracles has already occurred.

He is with us and inside of us.

It is more than we can understand, but it is reality for those who believe.

Much love to you my friends,


You turned my wailing to dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may sing to you and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever. (Psalm 30:11,12)

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