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My Raelyn

Today is my sister’s grandbaby’s 1st birthday. I can’t express how much this baby has touched my heart and the hearts of all who love her. She is but a taste of heaven herself (in her sweet moments!) Today’s post is simply a sharing of my heart and my life. No sermons. Just another piece of my journey. Thanks for letting me share. I pray something within these words will lift your eyes to our Lord and the hope of greater things.

Much love,

My Raelyn,
Though you’re not my grandbaby
I’ll love you as such
I’ll spoil you and teach you
And long for you much

Our trip to Vail was just the start
Of a long life together even though apart
I’ll take you to the beach when you come to see me
We’ll play in the sand and run in the ocean breezey :)

We’ll build sandcastles and jump over the waves
Look for pretty seashells and the sea gulls chase.
We’ll read books, have tea parties, and make cookies all day
And in the evening we’ll snuggle in bed and pray.

My sweet Raelyn, you’ve captured my heart
I pray you know you were loved right from the start
And that the One who gave you to us is the Lord.
He is the One to always be loved and adored.

It’s His love I pray you’ll always know
And never doubt even when you’re grown.
He’s better than sandcastles and seashells and kisses
They are but a taste of His heaven’s riches.

One day we’ll together fly up to the stars
Past the moon, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars
Then we’ll worship at the throne of our Jesus
And sing with your Gram who will be waiting to meet us.

Love, Your Great Auntie A. January 14, 2011

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