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You never know whom God is going to bring into your life or when or where you will meet them.

At a writer’s conference 2? years ago, I met a woman who has become a dear friend despite distance and very little time together. You see, when you are united by the love of Christ, all barriers fade away and time and distance lose their power. 

My dear friend, Kay, one of the strongest women of God I’ve met, faced a deadly foe this year around Christmas. Despite the diagnosis she refused to let the threat that had invaded her body become her identity.

I have seen diseases and circumstances become the identity of their victims. But Kay is no victim. She knows to whom she belongs and how that plays out in her life. She is a daughter of the Most High God.

This week my blog has focused on our identity in Christ. I couldn’t think of a better way to close than to share Kay’s testimony. Please click the link below to read her blog:


Be encouraged my friends! And be blessed.

Much Grace and Peace,

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