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How to Live a Lifestyle of Thankfulness

I’m thankful for a day set aside specifically for me to say “thanks”–to focus on what I have and not on what I don’t. Thanksgiving is a day of bounty, right? A day when we cook too much, eat too much, and hopefully are surrounded by more family and friends than usual.

It’s normally a great day. Even though I’m exhausted and ready for bed by 8:00 PM! It’s a day of tradition, both the ones I grew up with and the ones we’ve incorporated in our own little family. There have been years, however, when there has been a hole in my heart . . . .

Come join me on Heather Bock’s blog Glimpses of Jesus today. I’ve written a guest blog post about living a lifestyle of thankfulness and given five scriptures that help me do that.


Have a wonderful weekend! See you Monday with a new Bite of Bread reading plan.


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