God's love

His Favorite

                                                    “A Rose” by Akiane Kramarik               

In realizing that we are God’s favorite, we gain specific advantages in the battle for our hearts, our minds, our peace, our joy. The enemy accuses us on two fonts. First, he tells us that we’re rejected by God rather than beloved. Second, he says we’re not sincere in our love of God because our love is weak. The enemy tells us that our weak love is pitiable and diluted, and even that it is completely false. When we finally understand that neither of these precepts is true, the enemy loses his ability to accuse us in these areas. We are able to believe that God is near, not far away. We understand that our love may be weak, but it is certainly growing….and even now we are enjoyed and desired by God.         (Seven Longings of the Human Heart, by Mike Bickle)
I once met some women who were so in love with God that they called themselves “God’s Favorites”! They weren’t being stuck-up or obnoxious, they just had a joy about them, a giggle and twinkle in their eyes that made me know it was possible for me to feel the same way.
They walked in freedom.
They walked in love.
We get confused about God’s love because we project our human heart and reasoning onto Him, but God loves with God love–not human love. He can have a billion “favorites” because He is God.
Once we truly receive the heart knowledge that we are loved and desired by God, that we are His favorite– we are changed.
I’ll be praying for this revelation for all of us this week.
You are one of His favorites. You are as beautiful to Him as Akiane’s rose.
much love,
The Lord God is with you; He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you. He will quiet you with His love (Zephaniah 3:17).

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