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He Has Made It Good

A few days ago I shared with you a very lonely moment. I knew as I was writing that many people would be able to relate, but I had no idea that EVERYBODY has had a similar experience.

I don’t know if the camaraderie of others made me feel better or the simple fact that I confessed loneliness knowing good and well that I’m blessed and not alone. But whatever the reason (maybe both) I’m no longer entertaining those lonely thoughts in my head! They are gone. Of course, I’m not sitting alone at a football game, but I think if I do find myself in that predicament again, I will not feel the same. (I’ll let you know if I do.)

Loneliness is sneaky. It’s a very real phenomenon, but it is also a dangerous joy killer. It causes our eyes to focus on the holes within. Self-focus can quickly turn into self-pity which becomes idolatry.

Knowing the great proportion of this emotional deficit, and fighting it in my own life has been a topic of prayer for me lately. This has been my dialogue with God. (The answers did not come right away. I’ve questioned and listened for weeks.)

Me: “Okay, God! What do I do with this thing called loneliness? What do WE do with it?”

Him: “Use it for my glory.”

Me: “How?”

Him: “Share it, reach out to others, spend the lonely time with Me. Focus on Me. There is much to be done. Listen. I make all things good for those who love me and who are called to my purpose. Even your loneliness.”

I can tell you today that He has indeed made it good.

Grace and Peace,


Today’s verse: ….But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places to pray. John 5:16

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