Give Up

I’m addicted.
The game is called Every Word. It consists of letters that can be arranged many ways. To get to the next level you have to find the longest word, but you want to find as many combinations as possible to get the highest amounts of points.


I can stare at the letters for what seems “too long to me” and think, “There is not another word in here! I’m done!” Then I will hand it to Mike or one of the kids or forfeit the game and taa-daa! There in fact was another word. One I couldn’t see.

Playing this game has been a good reminder that what I see or perceive is not always reality. There may not seem to be a solution to the problem, but God’s reality and wisdom have no boundaries. He always has the answer.

Thank you for your prayers for me. Last week’s battle of the brain is over at least for now. God gave me a solution I could not see while staring at the problem. I had to release it to Him. Set it down and ask for His help.

If you are struggling with a problem that seems to have no answer, give up trying to figure it out or fix it. Give it to Him. Bury your face in His feathers.

Hold on to Him, not the problem.

He loves us my friends.

My prayer for us today:

“Father, thank you for your love and faithfulness. You carry us through every day, even when we don’t feel your presence. We look back at last week and wonder where the time went. We look at the week before us and wonder how you’ll get us through to the end. But it’s a new day. A new week.

Help us surrender the days ahead to you. The people we love to you. Our worries to you. I know your hands and solutions are so much more capable and better than ours. I pray for joy to bubble up in each one who reads this prayer today as we choose to trust you Jesus. Amen.”

Much grace and peace,


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