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Fear of Fear

Jack (the puppy) and I couldn’t decide if we wanted to be inside or outside this morning. If we were inside, I was a little on edge watching for his signs to go out. A few weeks ago he required more sleep and took a nap while I wrote my blog, today he is rather busy, totally awake and bored…therefore, writing my blog outside battling bugs won out over the air conditioned house and puddle monitoring.

I’m not sure it was the best of decisions. Perhaps I let fear win out over reason. But then again, maybe it was the right choice. It helped me see the bigger picture.

In Jesus Calling this morning I read these profound words: “Do you hide your fear and pretend it isn’t there? Anxiety that you hide in your heart will give birth to fear of fear; a monstrous stepchild” (July 19).

Fear of fear. That’s something to think about. Am I afraid of being afraid? I was this morning. Fear of puddles caused me to lose focus on my writing….and fear won out.

The solution (according to the rest of the devotion) was to confess your fear to God and concentrate on trusting Him. The truth is that fear loses its power when we confess it. It loses even more power when our focus turns to God and off of what we’re afraid of.

Maybe since I’ve confessed my fear to you and God I can now see how ridiculous it is. But I also think it helped to move out of the situation causing my anxiety. Sometimes you just need different scenery.

Go outside. Listen to the birds. Fight the bugs. Feel the breeze. Know He is with you.

God is bigger than our fear. He is peace in the storm. He is the solution to the unanswerable quandary. He is love.

Can we trust Him?

The answer is yes. Oh….yes.

Much grace and peace,

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