Empty Places

My heart always aches on this day for those who aren’t mothers but long to be.

Sometimes, many times, life doesn’t turn out as we plan. For some of us, we had no plans, but life happened anyway. If we could turn back the clock, we’d do it differently. We might have a plan this time, and everything would be much better.

The irony of it all. We are not in control. Someone much wiser, gentler, and loving is. And that Someone’s heart aches for His hurting daughters.

He is our healer. Our redeemer. Our lover. Our Savior.

And He has a purpose for all of us in our joy and in our sorrow. He takes our empty places and fills them.

I confess that I’ve not always enjoyed this motherhood gift. I experienced many days of loneliness in this blessing. Motherhood caught me by surprise. I wasn’t ready for it. Perhaps if I had been I would’ve been better at this “profession” or at least more fulfilled.

The first five years were the testing years. God always asking, “Do you trust me?”

When I finally said yes, joy and purpose grew in my womb again.

I’m convinced this is the key to finding purpose in any situation we are living. Any empty places.


Much grace and peace,

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