Yesterday as I shared my mommy moment (that’s what I call those instances when you make a decision that goes against every common sense cell in your brain) I realized that Mary probably had a lot of those moments with Jesus.

Remember when they accidentally left Him in the Temple? That was a mommy moment.

Remember when she and His siblings stood outside where He was teaching, insisting for His return with them? Yep. Mommy moment.

It’s hard to be a mom. It’s hard enough to take care of our own lives much less somebody else’s!

My mommy moment turned out to be okay yesterday. God gave me two sweet confirmations. As I drove Drew to the beach he said, “I’m glad I have friends.” How do I explain what these words did to me? I melted. Nothing hurts worse than watching your children lonely as the new kids in town. It takes time to find those friends.

The second confirmation was the presence of two dolphins. As Drew and one of his buddies hung out past the breaking waves on their boards a set of fins swam by them. Thankfully the fins did not belong to sharks but sweet faced dolphins. Drew had just put his camera back on the beach so we have no proof, but yesterday he swam with dolphins. He said he could almost touch them. How cool is that?

“Thank you God.”

He answered my prayer. He kept my son safe, and He gave me a sign of His faithfulness and presence in the midst of my own insecurity. Yesterday I had to trust the small (seemingly insane) voice inside of me that told me to let my son go surfing.

Trust the small voice. (If it’s not there, the answer is NO!)

Much love,

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever. Psalm 118:1

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