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Do You Overwork or Overflow?: New Posting Schedule

A year ago today(ish), give or take a day, I felt God whisper into my spirit to post six days a week. Remarkably, I did! There were many mornings when I stared at a blank computer screen not feeling any inspiration or having a clue what to write, but as I sat there praying, something would come to mind or He would lead me to a verse or a quote in a book that jump started the post for the day. On those empty mornings, He faithfully filled my cup so that I would have something to pour out. But lately it’s not flowed as freely, and honestly, I’m a little tired.

Today I’m resting in the decision to go back to posting three days rather than six. There’s a tug in my spirit to spend more time with Him just to be rather than do. I know from past experience that I never can keep silent when I’ve got something good to share. I’m really looking forward to what He has for you and me in this new blogging season.

I wrestled with this decision for the past week yet experienced more and more peace as He brought to mind some other things that have been neglected due to my blog schedule. My Wilmington FAVS blog is one of those neglected gifts He gave me. I will be focusing more on my “Walk the Talk” blog and my commitment to that publication as well as pursuing magazines and e-zine articles.

The blog A Mary Like Me is not going anywhere, but hopefully, her author will have more to give as she follows this new path.

This morning’s quiet time was the icing on the cake that made my decision sure and sweet. This is what I read from Streams:

Straining and striving does not accomplish the work God gives us to do. Only God Himself, who always works without stress and strain and who never overworks, can do the work He assigns to His children…A man who learned this secret once said, “I came to Jesus and drank, and I believe I will never be thirsty again. My life’s motto has become  ‘Not overwork but overflow,’ and it has already made all the difference in my life.”….There is no straining in an overflowing life, and it is quite irresistible.   ~Streams in the Desert (September 3)

I want to overflow. How about you? Has God been whispering to you about something in your life that you need to cut back or maybe even stop doing for a season? Are there areas in your life and ministry that are joyless or you feel you are striving to maintain? Maybe it’s time to give it to Him.

Much grace,

Be still and know that I am God…(Psalm 46:10).


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