Desperate Places cont.

(from yesterday)

…Desperate places. Strangely, its a good place to be.

Because in her desperation she stopped asking for help from man. There was only One she could go to, only One who was the manifestation of hope.

But remember, even this plan was not easy. She had to fight the crazy crowds bumping into Jesus. I wonder if the crowds were all going one way (perhaps toward the Temple) and Jesus and the pleading father walking against the crowds, away from the Temple, toward the man’s house. His daughter close to death.

If so, the bleeding woman was following close behind like a fish swimming upstream. Was she thankful for the crowd that day? Did this fit nicely into her plan? It was obvious she hoped to remain anonymous. Why didn’t she want to talk to Jesus? Why didn’t she just yell out to Him like the blind man in another story? Jesus healed Him.

I believe she planned to simply touch Jesus despite the Law because she did not feel worthy of His time. Worthy to petition.


What is it that makes us feel that way?

Jesus restored her worth when He stopped to ask who touched Him. It was a terrifying encounter for the woman but one that would change her forever. “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.”

Healed. Not only healed but called daughter.

Did the desperate father become frustrated by this inconvenient stop along the way to his daughter’s healing? Or did the way Jesus address this woman remind him how precious this sick woman’s life was to Jesus too and give him grace and strength when they were told his daughter died?

I think so.

Even our healing is never just about us.

Much love and grace,


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