Using the Names of God to Help You Pray

Do you feel your prayers are bouncing back from heaven? Would you like to strengthen your prayers and to acknowledge God’s strength, wisdom, power, and faithfulness? If your prayer life could use a face-lift, try praying the names of God. Names are Important to us and to God One day I walked into a hotel … Continue reading “Using the Names of God to Help You Pray”

Seven Promises of God to Stand on When You’re Having a Bad Day

    It wasn’t a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day,” but I FELT like it was. Have you had one of those days? You honk at the car in front of you taking toooooo long to realize the light is green. You yell at the cat or your husband for no reason, and … Continue reading “Seven Promises of God to Stand on When You’re Having a Bad Day”


Bible Reading Plan on Trust

I could hear her tears as she told me her frustrations and fears. I held the phone close to my ear straining to hear every word, and I silently prayed to God to grant me the right answer to her questions. I wanted to fix it. That’s what we do, isn’t it? We want to … Continue reading “Bible Reading Plan on Trust”

Praying With Power

    They sit in front of me in need of a tissue while tears pour down their faces. They come every Sunday after the sermon. Our prayer team awaits them ready to battle in prayer. Most days the stories and needs aren’t too difficult, but sometimes, the heartbreak is great, and so is the … Continue reading “Praying With Power”

Fill Me Up Please

One dark summer night, I gave up. I could not convince the one debating me, so I gave in. Despite my years of walking with God, and my study in the Word, and the call on my life, I threw it all away. “I’ll just put all religions together. They’re all the same,” I proclaimed. … Continue reading “Fill Me Up Please”

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