It Often Takes a Storm to Bring Change and Peace

One July morning I stepped outside into a cool, peaceful, non-humid day. It was almost as if I had traveled to a different place and time, yet there I was standing on my deck which 24 hours before had been filled with thick, oppressive, summer air. I kind of like that heat–any heat. Summer is one of my … Continue reading “It Often Takes a Storm to Bring Change and Peace”

Storms Cannot Separate Us From the Love of God

A hurricane is coming. It’s a level 4 at the moment. But there is always the chance that it will go farther out to sea and lose strength as it churns up the East Coast. That’s our prayer. Trouble surrounds me on all sides; many of my friends are struggling for provision and good health. … Continue reading “Storms Cannot Separate Us From the Love of God”

Storms Passing Through

It’s storming outside. Again. Massive thunderstorms have barrelled through our little strip of land called Wilmington all summer. Pounding rain. Too close for comfort lightning. Thunder and strong wind. Sometimes it’s a bit scary. As a little girl growing up on the plains of Oklahoma, I feared the power of storms and the tornadoes that often … Continue reading “Storms Passing Through”

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